ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping


ECU Remapping is a method used on new generation vehicles to optimise the performance and fuel consumption on vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers cannot calibrate and optimise each individual vehicle leaving the production line, to save cost, they follow a one map fits all philosophy. For this purpose, the manufacturers have to work in huge safety factors, to avoid any issues as we all are mindful that no two vehicles are the same.  ECU Remapping exploits this “flaw” from manufacturers to enhance/optimise a vehicle’s performance and fuel consumption.

At Unique Motorsport we have various stages of ECU remapping and upgrades available.


Stage 1 software is basically the optimisation of the manufacturer’s software for a specific vehicle with no hardware upgrades or changes.


Stage 2 is for people looking for a little more. With stage 2 software there is recommended hardware changes one needs to make, this is to remedy the increased exhaust gasses and getting rid of the restricted OEM air intake system as this will be pushed past their point of efficiency. With our Stage 2 software, a downpipe/decat and an induction kit/flat panel performance air filter is required.


Stage 3 remapping is for individuals looking for performance outside of the scope of the manufacturer’s platform. This is for upgraded vehicle components such as turbochargers etc. Stage 3 software require upgrades such as Big turbo builds, larger intercooler, performance exhaust system, intake/induction, etc.


DPF and EGR Delete


The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) on diesel vehicles gets blocked over time due to various reasons, most commonly because of diesel impurity/quality or as a result of driving cycles, as the DPF needs time to regenerate (cleaning cycle). As most individuals do not drive long enough distances at a constant speed to enable the DPF to regenerate by cleaning itself, DPF’s tend to block and the vehicle will go into limp mode. Although a Diesel Particulate Filter can be replaced by an OEM unit, the cost of such a DPF unit is immensely expensive. We provide a service to remove the DPF completely from the vehicle and remap the vehicle’s ECU to function without the DPF. The vehicle will no longer go into limp mode and the error/problem experienced with the DPF will be resolved. Removal of the DPF will increase the life span of the turbocharger as excessive hot gasses in the exhaust will be prevented.


EGR systems, recirculate the exhaust gasses into your vehicle’s intake. This is done for environmental reasons. EGR valves tend to fail due to excessive carbon build up which trigger engine lights and this will decrease engine performance. Even if the EGR valve is in working order it effects the performance of your vehicle as hot exhaust gasses are passed into your intake air stream. We can disable the EGR valve to stay in a closed position which remedies the aforementioned.


Cat Disable


Catalytic converters are fitted to vehicles for emission/environmental purposes. Catalytic converters can get blocked over time due to exhaust gasses and cause running issues on a vehicle. The effect will be poor engine performance and an increase in fuel consumption. Removal of the Catalytic converter is beneficial to any vehicle as hot gasses pass quicker through the exhaust system thus increasing a vehicle’s performance and on turbo vehicles this will also help by increasing the turbocharger’s lifespan.


Gearbox Software


Software on the gearbox can be done to raise torque limiters and shifting times, we can also alter the shifting pattern on your gearbox to optimise shifting points. Launch control characteristics can be altered in the process as well to provide the best launch suitable for an individual vehicle.