About Us

Unique Motorsport is a RMI approved, 5-Star graded Mechanical Workshop. We specialise in engine management software, performance upgrades, customisation, general maintenance, servicing and repairs on all vehicles.


We have years of experience in vehicle engine management remapping. We have done vast amounts of our own research and development and have close ties with international specialists in this field.  Our software is not bound by any restrictions and is specifically calibrated for our local South African market i.e. environmental conditions, fuel (Octane RON), etc. We have the ability to customise the software (ECU) on a vehicle for any modification and/or upgrade to suite the characteristics of an individual vehicle of a client upon request.


Unique Motorsport has a group of qualified individuals who have years of experience in performance upgrades, modifications and general mechanical workshop services. We manufacture most of our parts in-house but we can supply our clients with all international reputable hardware brands. We are capable to do anything from exhaust systems to full blown race motors.



Without maintenance, servicing and/or repairs we know any vehicle will not perform to its full potential. At Unique Motorsport we render these services to keep your vehicle in the best mechanical condition possible. Furthermore, preventative maintenance and services are required by all warranty companies. As a 5-Star graded RMI Vehicle Workshop, we can also assist with all warranty claims, if need be.